Producers Did Not know About AVPL Netflix Release?

Ala Vaikuntapurramuloo became a huge success for Sankranti and Overseas distributor promoted that the film won't be available on Prime or Netflix, which did boost the collections in USA.

Film became Non-Baahubali highest grosser in USA crossing 3.6 Million USD from its theatrical run.  All of a sudden, on 27th February, the film started streaming on SunNext and Netflix too.

Distributors of the film in USA tweeted that they did not know about Netflix deal and hence, they promoted in such way.

They said on Twitter,

"We are told that movie was sold only to Sunnxt and at the time of movie release sunnxt is not available outside India, so we used that tag not available in amazon or netflix. It so happened that sunnxt started  its service in USA like a month back. Netflix is a surprise for us."

Well, our sources from production house of the film, Haarika & Hassine Creations said that the producers were also in shock about the movie being available on Netflix.

The source said that they sold the complete digital distribution rights to Sun Network's SunNext and they might have sublet their lease to Netflix to stream the film. Source re-affirmed that the producers had no idea that the movie will steam on Netflix.

So, are the producers telling the truth? Did SunNext team gave Ala Vaikuntapurramuloo on lease to Netflix as part of their deal? We have to wait for official confirmation on this from the production side.

As this is a kind of false promotion, they could turn up and give their clarification on the matter for sure. But the damage seems to have been done already.
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