20% Cut In Lady Superstar's Remuneration!

Nayanthara is one heroine who defined every norm of a South Indian heroine. People say that heroines do not have a career after crossing their 30's but she is the highest-paid actress despite being 36 years old. She doesn't attend promotions and lives life at her own will.

Hailed a lady superstar, Nayanthara charges heavily for any film but the producers are willing to accept her demands because of her craze and potential. She is currently working on Rajnikanth's upcoming film 'Annatte' directed by Shiva. Nayan doesn't reduce her fees usually but she decided not to follow that rule for this film.

Apparently, she took around 5.5 crores for her small role in Rajni's last outing 'Darbar'. There was news that she is charging 10.5 crores for this film but Sun Pictures who are producing 'Annatte' has hinted that these rumors are baseless and reportedly said that she demanded 20% less than what she took for 'Darbar'. Nonetheless, she is still the costliest heroine down South.
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