Kamal Blames Production House And They Return the Favor!

Accidents on sets don't occur under planned circumstances in general but when they happen that too on the magnitude of what transpired on Indian-2 sets, people start blaming each other.

Kamal Haasan rightfully said that producers should take care of safety measures on sets and precautionary steps to ensure highest possible care has been taken for avoiding accidents.

But then he went a step ahead and said that none of the crew or cast members will resume shooting until production house guarantees a safe environment.

It is human to get paranoid after a near-death experience but in India, stars and directors mostly recommend the team members, and you cannot deny that. Same has been addressed in Lyca's reply and they tried to reverse blame Shankar has well, for the accident as he brought in the executive producers on to the sets.

Shankar tweeted that he is still in shock and wished that his life was lost in the accident than the young crew members of his. He appeared to be facing survivor's guilt these days.

At this point of time, people expect assurances and not blame game. Lyca Productions are not known for being that mature in handling situations, provided how they replied to Kamal's letter, they want to be seen as good side rather than accepting that a fault has happened and ask for cooperation from everyone.

 We expect Kamal Haasan to be more mature in this situation and be the guiding force than be the first person who blames others. Let's hope the situation resolves soon and a good film comes out despite all of this.
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