Will Olympics Be Cancelled This Time?

Will there be no Olympics this time? Will they be cancelled due to the Corona virus scare? This shocking and stunning question is now increasingly being asked in the sports circle these days. There is a strong buzz that the premier sports body might as well cancel the Olympics if the corona virus is not controlled by May, when the mega global sports event is scheduled.

Dick Pound, a senior member of the International Olympics Association and a former Canadian swimming champion has said that if the virus is not tamed before May, the sporting event, which will see lakhs of people converging, may need to be cancelled. This is aimed at preventing the spread of the viral fever across the globe.  Tokyo will be the venue of the Olympics this time.  Corona virus Covid 19 has already claimed 2715 lives and has spread to countries like South Korea, Eastern Europe and the Arabian Gulf. Already, four deaths have been reported from Japan itself, which is hosting the games.

Interestingly, during the lost Olympics at Rio De Janerio, there was Zica virus scare. Yet, the games went on as scheduled. What will happen this time? Let’s wait and watch!!
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