Trump Says He Needs To Win For India To Triumph

Donald Trump cannot see beyond himself or what he needs even at delegate meeting. If you look at the words he used at the join press meet about Indo-USA business relations, it gets quite clear that he will say anything and do anything that will seem to benefit him.

Normally, any self-centered politician, when visits another country in the highest position, they try to speak about the greatness of their country and opportunities available in their country to welcome new business developments and investments there.

But Trump tried to threaten Indian business tycoons present at the meeting saying that if he doesn't win the US elections second time, Indian Markets will crash.

He said that he is trying to do everything he can to bypass the legal limitations for easy trade with US and also, to welcome new Foreign Investments and Investors into the Country.

Trump blasted at Democratic party who is opposing him and said that if he doesn't win, then it will be almost like doomsday scenario for financial markets in India too.

Is he asking India intervention like Russian intervention in previous elections? We cannot be sure about it. But the man might be trying to pass some chills down the spine of NRIs and even US citizens by talking about his re-elections.

But when he can do that all the year till November, when the elections are held, why he is trying to pass some threats like that in India? Is he suggesting Indians to not enter into USA for business opportunities, if he doesn't win? Anyways, he appreciated that Indian businessmen are doing great.

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