Six Judges Of The Supreme Court Effected With Swine Flu

Six Judges of the Supreme Court of India were affected with swine flu, resulting in some of the benches, not functioning which in turn resulted in a lot of cases getting pending.

Some judges were even wearing medical masks and working in the courtrooms reportedly. This has affected the hearing of the Sabarimala case.

Reportedly the outbreak of the flu started in the apex court with Justice M.M. Shantanagoudar followed by Justice A.S. Bopanna.

The indication of this came into limelight with the two judges on the Sabarimala reference Constitution bench were not well. With Justice Indira Banerjee wasn’t in the court the constitution bench headed by Justice Arun Mishra also couldn't hear the cases.

Lawyer Sundaram asked the bench headed by Mishra if another lawyer can argue the rest as he "had exhausted himself". "Don't come to court and argue then. We are saying because of something," said Mishra.
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