Shahid Afridi Holds Narendra Modi For India-Pakistan Relations

Former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi who never misses any chance to show his anger on India once again targeted the country and said that Narendra Modi's thinking is "inclined towards negativity" and added that till Modi is in power the relationship between Pakistan and India will not improve.

"Till Modi is in power, I don't think we will get any response from India. We have all, including Indians, understood the way Modi thinks. His thinking is inclined towards negativity," Afridi said.

"Relationship between India and Pakistan has been damaged because of one person only. And that is not what we want," he maintained.

"People from either side of the border want to travel to each other's country. I don't understand what Modi wants to do and what his agenda really is," he added.

Reportedly some of the media outlets in Pakistan said that even though Prime Minister Narendra Modi spent crores of rupees on Namaste Trump, the US President has spoken in support of Pakistan leaving the entire audience present in the stadium in a deep shock.

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