A Person Shows Gun To Police In Delhi!

During the ongoing protests at Jaffarabad, Delhi, a police constable bravely faced a person who had a gun. He had to give-in and walk away from the situation to his camp but he tried to stop him from shooting any police officers and control him.

The video of this man gun with a gun shooting in the air and asking police to go back while his co-protestors started pelting stones on people recording and police, is going viral.

Police identified the man as Shahrukh from East Delhi and a case has been registered on him under illegal weapons act. Reports suggest that police have arrested Shahrukh and he will be presented at a magistrate or a judge soon.

In the ongoing Jaffarabad protests, the violence is indeed increasing everyday and on Monday, 100 people got injuried while 4 protesters and one police constable lost their lives.

On Tuesday too, the protests turned into violent attacks between police and the protesters with some anti-protesters also joining the police.

Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi CM, asked Central Government's intervention to bring the situation under control. He with his MLAs and senior officials in administration held a long meeting on future action plan.

 Home Minister of India, Amit Shah asked for complete reports on the situation and he is looking at all possible ways to get the situation under control, say reports. Civilians in Delhi, east Delhi precisely, are asking for immediate and stringent action from Delhi, Indian Government to get the situation back to normalcy.

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