World Bank Representatives Praise YS Jagan Policies!

World Bank tries to concentrate on improvement of standard of living of human beings by encouraging governments around the world to invest in Infrastructure building projects. They in turn take a percentage in the profits from the projects along with the amount they have given as loan. This amount will be invested in another project around the world.

Hence, their qualitative analysis of a Government's work and the improvement in living standards of people under that government in a country or a region is given such high value globally.

Representatives belonging to World Bank's South Asian Human Resources Development wing along with their regional director, Sherburn Benz met with Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister, YS Jaganmohan Reddy.

They met him at Secretariat on Tuesday and discussed about the current projects that are being funded by World Bank in AP and about future plans as well.

Sherburn after the meeting praised Jagan and his government's commitment to invest on Human resources in AP and also complimented him on the long term plans that the Government has their sights on.

She commented that she finds the efforts made by State Government in utilising the resources available and the vision they have for future are commendable.
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