Warren Buffett Finally Gets An IPhone

Billionaire Warren Buffett who owns 5.6 percent of the Apple company's stock has finally owned a smartphone. He has recently upgraded his old Samsung Haven flip phone to a brand new iPhone 11

Warren who earlier used the flip phone said that he has parted ways with the phone permanently and has decided to embrace the smartphones. "My flip phone is permanently gone. The number's been changed," he said.

Interestingly he did not buy the iPhone but he was gifted the same by numerous people, including Tim Cook, the CEO of Tech giant Apple. Cook has been trying to make Buffett use Apple devices.

"You're looking at an 89-year-old guy who's barely beginning to be with it," Buffett shared.

Taking about Buffett, he has a net worth of $88.9 billion as per the Forbes list. Berkshire Hathaway, owned by Mr. Buffett has worth more than $560 billion and the company is often regarded as one of the most valuable companies in the US.
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