Anti-CAA Protesters Resort to Violence To Catch Trump's Attention

Are the communal clashes in various parts of Delhi, a part of the conspiracy to catch US President Donald Trump's attention?  Are the clashes and arson an attempt to create chaos in the national capital so that President Trump speaks or comments about them? Though the agitations are going on for over two months, why have they turned violent all of a sudden?

BJP sources feel that this is a desperate attempt on the part of the anti-CAA groups to grab world attention. The BjP feels that most political parties, including the Left and the Congress, have largely stayed away from the anti-CAA agitation, including the Shaheenbagh agitation. Even leaders like Mamta Banerjee and KCR are keeping a safe distance from the agitations. Despite the vociferous demands by Asaduddin Owaisi, Telangana CM KCR has given his nod to the NPR. So, the movement is now run only by the Muslim groups and is backed only by the Ultra Left Naxal groups. On Monday, Kishan Reddy said the same thing during a press conference and charged that the violence in four places in Delhi is a vain attempt to grab Donald Trump's attention.

Sources in the Government say that there would be tough action against the anti-CAA arsonists, who damaged the buses once the US President's tour is over.
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