Is Modi Unhappy With Amit Shah Over CAA?

Is Prime Minister Narendra Modi not happy with the way the CAA bill was introduced? It is now emerging that Modi wanted the bill to be introduced sometime later, but Home Minister Amit Shah was adamant that the bill should be introduced as early as possible. Highly placed sources say that Modi wanted the effects of the removal of Article 370, triple talaq and Ayodhya verdict to sink in and then take up the CAA and the NRC. But, Amit Shah had secured the support of the RSS and had his way.

Many sources also say that this is the reason why PM Modi was not present when the Citizenship Amendment Bill was introduced in the Lok Sabha. Sources in the BJP say that Modi expected the fallout of the CAA act and wanted to introduce it at a later time. This is also the reason why Modi reacted and spoke about the CAA only recently. However, some other leaders in the party say that this is nothing but an attempt to shield Narendra Modi from the anti-CAA fallout.

As of now, the BJP is now busy bringing one state government after another to support the NPR exercise which will have to begin this year. It wants all parties to come on board on the issue. So, Modi is taking personal lead to make the CMs of non-BJP governments fall in line.
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