US Security Agency That Will Protect US President

The US Secret Agency which takes care of the security of the US President Donald Trump has set up mammoth communications devices that possess the capability to work in all situations that include the emergencies.

The Central government has permitted the agency to bring communication devices to India worth Rs 300 crore.

It has been widely reported that the Customs Department will team up with the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security(BCAS) to see that the equipment which was brought to India will return safely.


The equipment was reported tested at the US Airport as well as the bar codes on these devices was also scanned. Reportedly these devices enable the President to use the audio-video calling and messaging facilities anywhere besides providing security.

Upon setting up the devices the US President can control the communication system doesn't matter if he is America or in any other country. The devices possess strong security that even any space agency cannot crack that.

To get these approved many departments to have to give permission. As per the rules post the visit of US President's to India the devices with the same bar code should be returned back.
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