Is Hero Vijay Going To Upstage Super Star Rajini?

Tamil politics, this time around, are revolving around hero Vijay. With Vijay making politically explosive statements against the ruling AIADMK government and his comments against demonetisation and the GST in some of this films, has set the rumour mill going into a tizzy. Both the Congress and the DMK are trying to woo the hero into their fold.

The Congress has strongly come out in defence of the hero and said it would welcome him if he chooses to join the party. The DMK too has speeded up the process of courting Vijay. He had made several comments against the AIDMK government. In fact, Vijay has a running feud with the AIADMK as during her chief ministership, Jayalalitha had blocked the release of one of his films. Since then, he had been at loggerheads with the AIADMK.

Political pundits feel that Vijay is being deliberately propped up to counter the influence of Super Star Rajinikant, who is likely to align with the BJP, which in turn would be latching on to the AIDMK bandwagon. A young Vijay could be a counterfoil to Rajini, the DMK-Congress alliance feels.
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