Will Trump Vote For Gandhiji Ashram Or Road Show?

Donald Trump likes showmanship more than traditional things. He likes to show people how much he is loved and those who follow, American news channels on daily basis or weekend basis - Pro or Anti Trump, get a fair picture on this.

He likes to be centre of the attraction and gain as much attention as he can. When he tweeted that more than 7 Million people or even 10 Million people will be welcoming him to India, he meant that he will receive an open arms welcome from Indians like no one else.

But this is only possible, if he chooses to participate in road show than go for a visit to Sabarmathi Ashram built by Gandhiji.

His two days schedule at present include:

Day one:

11:55 AM - Landing in Ahmadabad Airport

12:00 Noon - Road Show from Airport with PM Narendra Modi

12:30 PM - End of Road Show till Motera Stadium and participate in "Namasthe Trump" event at Motera with PM Modi.

3:30 PM - Leave to Agra from Ahmadabad

5:10 PM - Visit Taj Mahal, Agra

7:30 PM - Trump will land in Delhi Airport

7:45 PM - Trump, Melania and his staff will reach Maurya Hotel, their official stay.

Day two:

9:55 AM - Trump attends meet and greet by  Indian Army at Rastrapathi Bhavan

10:45 AM - Trump will visit Raj Ghat

11:25 AM - Press Meet by Trump and Modi at Hyderbad House in Delhi. Trump and Modi will talk about trade, security and other relations between US & India.

Melania Trump will visit a Government school in Delhi during this diligence meet.

12:55 PM - Trump will meet US Embassy staff.

8:00 PM - Trump and Melania will attend Indian President's Dinner party

10:00 PM - Trump will leave to USA

In this schedule, US officials and Indian officials are trying to fit in Sabarmathi Ashram visit. If US officials and Trump staff decide that Sabarmathi Ashram visit is a must then, they want to reduce road show to 9 KMs from Airport than scheduled 22 KMs.

While Sabarmathi Ashram is decorated to welcome Trump, Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani and officials are unable to see how it fits with all the plans they have to welcome Trump in never before manner.

 Well, those who know Trump and his tendencies to show off that people love him, he would choose to complete Roadshow and before leaving to Agra, he might go for a quick visit of Sabarmathi Ashram to show to world that he believes in Non-Violence and respects Gandhi like Barack Obama. This is a long route and unscheduled stoppage.

Even if it delays Agra and Taj Mahal visit, many think with US polls coming up, he will take the long route than the short one as it allows him to present himself in positive light. Let's wait and see, what he will decide to do finally. Indian officials are making arrangements for both the routes and some unscheduled stops too.

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