APNGO Association Gets Showcause Notice From YSRCP Government

APNGO association got showcause notice from YSRCP government about why shouldn't they terminate their recognition as an association immediately.

Secretary of General Administration issued a letter to AP Government stating that APNGO has violated law by inviting non-members like then AP CM Nara Chandrababu Naidu and his ministers to their Tirupati Meet in 2018.

As per the law, they shouldn't invite any non-members to the meet and this is one violation. Secretary also stated that the association failed to provide audit reports and members list according to Bailas law, this year.

The secretary also stated that there are many irregularities in the lists provided by APNGO and alleged that the lands given to them have been misused by the association too.

Now, YSRCP Government under YS Jagan has been looking to eradicate corruption at any level and in the process, they have issued showcause Notice to APNGO to give complete details and explanation regarding the allegations.
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