Telangana CM To Give A "Culture Gift" To Trump!

Donald Trump is visiting India on 24th and 25th of February. He will be going to Ahmadabad and stay at Indian President's house - Raj Bhavan, Delhi.

On 25th February, a huge dinner has been planned by President and Indian Government with many dignitaries. For this dinner, Telangana CM KCR got invited and he decided to take a different route from others.

Normally, people will be happy to get to meet such big personalities and discuss some investments with their contingent within the two days or weeks of their visit.

But KCR is looking to give a Telangana "culture gift" to Trump and even make him taste Sakinalu, Sarva pindi, Natu Kodi - most popular Telangana items, it seems.

As per his orders, chefs who can cook them the best have been identified and they are preparing food items in Pragati Bhavan.

Well, KCR is widely accepted in Telangana as the best visionary leaders. This shows his unique sense of culture and great interest in being different from the rest of the herd.
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