Donald Trump Himself Shares "Baahubali Trump Edit"!

The political battle for change in presidency and shift of power from Republicans or second term of Donald Trump has started in USA.

Donald Trump is not a popular US President like Obama for his administration skills. He is popular for being trolled by newscasters and recently got impeached too by Democratic House which was rejected by Republican Senate.

Well, Bernie Sanders seem to be set to take Democratic party nomination against Trump this time around. While all this is going on, Trump is visiting India in coming weeks.

Narendra Modi, Prime Minister called it a trip from US President to strengthen the relations of India and USA.

Some user, made "Donald Trump as Baahubali edit" and said that it is how he or she thinks the meeting and tour will go down.

Trump himself shared the video and tweeted,

"Look so forward to being with my great friends in INDIA!"

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