#Bheeshma Tweet Review

Nithiin and Rashmika starrer #Bheeshma is getting released today with a good hype around it. Tupaki is bringing you the live updates of this romantic entertainer. Stay Tuned

The movie has just started and side effects of pesticides are being explained right now.

Nithiin has just been introduced in a funny manner. Hebbah Patel makes a surprise entry.

The super hit 'Singles Anthem' is on now. Hilariously filmed.

After a few funny scenes, Rashmika is introduced as Chaitra.

A small fight followed by 'Saraa Sari' song. The film is running on a decent note till now.

Comedy scenes between hero and heroine's father came out pretty well.

Finally some serious scenes of villain and organic farming are being discussed. Dialogues are good in the scenes.

With an unexpected twist, the film reaches intermission.

The film is made on a simple note with ample funny moments. Nithiin's comedy timing is the highlight of the first half. The interval block could have been handled better.

The second half started with fun filled episodes of Nithiin's family.

Nithin takes up the 30 days challenge as CEO. Vennela Kishore is doing a wonderful job.

The hilarious comedy scenes are overshadowing the proceedings. The director completely relied on funny episodes.

Time for 'Super Cute' song. Cool visuals.

The 'Athadu' inspired fight is executed well. The thin story line is the only loop hole in this fun entertainer.

After a confrontation scene between hero and villain, the mass 'Whattey Beauty' song is on now. Song placement could have been better.

The pre-climax scenes lack logic but the comedy shadows everything.

The film completes in a light hearted manner. Overall 'Bheeshma' is a fun-filled entertainer with a simple story

Nithiin gets his much-needed hit. 'Bheeshma' is a complete entertainer. Comedy is the film's biggest strength and all other elements take a back seat.

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