BJP Too May Not Save This MP

Joining BJP, after all, is not helping Chandrababu-acolyte Sujana Chowdary in any way.  His 'Amaravati' lands are facing problems as the land rates have fallen drastically. His party colleague GVL is getting at his goatee over the shifting of the capital.

As if these were not enough, the Bank of India has announced that it would auction assets for which Sujana Chowdary holds the power of attorney. The auction would be held to recover Rs 400,84,35,000 loan taken by the industrialist MP. The auction would be held on March 23, 2020 and the bank has asked the prospective buyers to inspect the assets. Sujana, 11 others and companies like Sujana Capital Services, Sujana Pumps and Motors, Splindid Metal Products, Neucon Towers stood as guaranteers for the loan amount.  Sujana is already facing three cases of defaulting on the bank payments. In addition, there were CBI raids on his premises.  The investigating authorities have found that Sujana has 126 shell companies for money laundering.

It may be recalled that a Ferrari, Benz and a Range Rover belonging to Sujana have already been seized. The total amount defaulted or embezzled by Sujana and his associates could be around Rs 5700, say sources.
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