Will It Be Laxman vs Bandi Sanjay In BJP?

The State BJP's new chief's appointment is fast turning out to be a never-ending saga. There are gossips galore what with several names floating. The issue got new traction ever since former Maharashtra Governor Ch Vidyasagar Rao claiming that both the Telugu states will have new presidents soon. That he made these comments soon after meeting party's National president JP Nadda added grist to the rumour mill.

The choice has boiled down to incumbent Dr K Laxman and Karimnagar MP Bandi Sanjay. While Laxan, who ws questioned by the media, said that the party would decide as to who would be the president, there is a speculation that young and dynamic Bandi Sanjay could be made the president. But, there are some sections which feel that being an MP Sanjay would not be in a position to spend time in touring and that Laxman, who has no other encumbrances, would be better placed to tour the state.

Sources say that it all depends on the BJP national leadership's perception. If it wants to project social and developmental activities, it would root for Laxman and if it wants to pursue Hindutwa agenda, Bandi Sanjay is the right choice. Former Minister DK Aruna too is rooting for the coveted post.
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