Btech Student Hatches Suicide Plan

In what it could be a shock to the society, a Hyderabad student who resides in Filmnagar has committed suicide with unable to study engineering. Reportedly, Ganesh who took this extreme step has done a quick research on Youtube on how to do suicide.

It has been widely reported that Ganesh watched many youtube videos on various suicide techniques to understand the process of committing suicide which is quite disturbing to know that a student is going through such depression related to education.

Ganesh who gathered all the required things for a smooth suicide has watched many videos to know how to commit suicide without experiencing much pain. Reportedly he started watching these videos ten days before his suicide.

Going by the previously watched suicide videos, Ganesh has bought Nitrogen Oxygen cylinder, pipes, and polythene covers and kept them at his home.

As per his plan, he inserted the cylinder pipes into his nostrils and wrapped the polythene covers to prevent the chemical gases from leaking.
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