Is Pink Scaring Trade After Jaanu Result?

According to the trade circles in TFI, Jaanu result is a big jolt to people who believe more in Dil Raju and his decisions among the distributors & exhibitors. They see him as a man with a plan for everyone involved in business.

But Jaanu is a wake up call to him and everyone involved in the business, opine experts. They are saying that the producer failed in really estimating the public interest for a remake, these days.

That too when a popular film like 96, is being remade in Digitally revolutionized market, they feel that just star cast isn't enough for such films to work.

Now, they are scared about Pink remake with Pawan Kalyan. Tamil version worked in limited space with an in form hero like Ajith and it was budgeted very cleverly.

With same production and direction team, Ajith is doing another big film, which will be compensatory for any losses from Pink remake Ner Konda Paarvai for producer for paying him the top most bill.

But Dil Raju did not make such deals with Pawan as far as we know and he is expecting 100 crores Business for Pink remake, just on the name of PSPK, even though his fans don't seem to be excited about this one or his immediate next.

Fans of PSPK are vocally against Pink remake and they are waiting for his movie with Harish Shankar. There is no hiding from this fact as they are quite open about it. So, distributors and exhibitors are trying to figure out a way with Dil Raju to pay the big bugs, he is expecting for Pink remake while they also want to have security for their investments. How?

We will let you know when the things are concrete. For now, the news is that trade is worried and scared to pay big bugs to Pink remake theatrical rights and Dil Raju is trying to figure out a way to make it all work after a set back like Jaanu.
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