This Beggar Did What Even Millionaires Can't do

Even millionaires things twice before donating something or making an offering. But, 75 year-old Yadaiah is starkly different from others. This man has so far donated Rs 8 lakh to the deity in Vijayawada's Mutalampadu. But, why just Rs 8 lakh is making news?

That's because, Yadi Reddy is a begger and begs from the devotees for alms. What more? He begs for alms while sitting in front of the same temple for which he had made his donatios. He donates his ‘collection'  to the God in that very same temple.  Yadireddy used to be a rickshaw puller in Nalgonda and turned into a beggar as he became older. He said he took to beggary as he could not get a job. So, he came to the Saibaba temple in Mutyalampadu of Vijayawada and settled down there. He had initially given a donation of Rs 1 lakh.  Later, he began donating more frequently. Yadi Reddy says he would donate much more. "I will donate whatever I can," he says. He now stays at the gates of the Saibaba temple in Mutyalampadu.

"My health is failing and now I want to spend the rest of my life in front of the temple in the service of the Lord. Whatever I get will go only to the Lord," he says. When he was young, Yadi Reddy used to ply a rickshaw to eke out his livelihood.
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