Sharad Pawar Unhappy with Uddhav

Is the distance growing between Shiv Sena and the NCP? It appears so. Barely months into an unlikely alliance, things clearly are not working between the Shiv Sena and the NCP. With CM Uddhav Thackeray increasingly  charting an independent course on issues like the CAA and Ayodhya, the NCP is fretting and fuming. The latest issue between them is Uddhav's decision to hand over the Yalgar Parishad's case to the National Investigation Agency. Sharad Pawar, the NCP patriarch, feels this is a wrong decision.

Sharad Pawar has openly expressed his disapproval of the decision and this is the first time that Sharad Pawar has come out against Uddhav. He feels that Uddhav is becoming too independent and is trying to chart his own course. Shiv Sena is totally dependent on NCP and the Congress, but despite that the party is trying to be independent. Uddhav's recent statement that he would visit Ayodhya and that he has not shed the Hindutwa baggage have also not gone down well with the NCP.

Political pundits say that Uddhav is showing unmistakable signs of moving closer to the BJP in the state. Though he has not openly said anything to that effect, he is making conciliatory statements. This is raising concerns within both the Congress and the NCP.
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