Protestors Attack AP Buses in Karnataka Over local Quote

The two-day bandh which was observed by Kannada organisations demanding the rule of giving 75 percent reservation in jobs for the localities similar to that of Andhra Pradesh turned violent when the buses which came from Andhra were stoned in areas like Mangalore and border areas.

Around 120 organisations have extended their support to the protest observed by the Kannada organisations on the reservations and the protesters have demanded the government to implement the quota scheme which was promised while campaigning at the time of elections.

If the same quota scheme which is already in action in Andhra Pradesh gets implemented in Karnataka people from neighboring states Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala will have to face the wrath of this.

The Kannada organisations are targeting Andhra People in this dispute mainly as the quota scheme was introduced in Andhra Pradesh by CM Jagan.
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