Doctors in China Facing A Daunting Task

With the deadly outrage of the coronavirus the Doctors who were rendering their services were facing a daunting task. With the ever-growing number of infected patients and the risk of getting infected themselves is on very high as there is a huge shortage of protective masks and equipment in the dragon country.

Many doctors were seen treating the patients without wearing protective masks or protective bodysuits and resorting to reusing the same equipment which they were supposed to change regularly.


Some doctors even wore diapers to avoid taking off the protective equipment and treated the patients as the diapers las longer.

As per the latest records, 1,100 deaths were reported in the Wuhan on China as 42,600 cases were registered in the country.

The deputy mayor of Wuhan said that the city is facing a daily shortage of 56,000 N95 masks and 41,000 protective suits.
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