What's The Reason Behind Jagan's Hyd Tour: Varla

TDP senior leader Varla Ramaiah who is a fierce critic of the AP government and CM Jagan Mohan Reddy has come down on him once again. When Jagan introduced a toll-free number to complain against any complaint Varla called the number and complained against the CM.

He once again hit the headlines by attacking Jagan on his secret visit to Hyderabad.

"Is he going to meet his sister Sunita? Or is he going to ask her to withdraw her petition? Is Jagan fearing that handing over YS Vivekananda's murder case to CBI will land him in trouble? Why is he so worried?" Varla said.

Varla mentioned the comments made by Jagan when he was in the opposition and said they don't have faith in the AP police and said the controversial case should be investigated by the CBI. When he doesn't have faith in the Special Investigative Team(SIT), why did he hand over the case to the same SIT, he added.

Sunita, daughter of former MP Vivekananda Reddy who was found dead in his residency. With no culprits and guilty in this case found till now she has moved the High Court to hand over the case to CBI which turned the political heat. This move has created a sensation in the political circles too.

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