BJP is not seeing Council from a political perspective: GVL

In the wake of the Legislative Council recommending the 'Three Capitals' for selection committee AP CM Jagan has passed a resolution to abolish the upper house.

While the Legislative Assembly approved the bill now its in the hands of the Centre whether to approve or cancel the bill. Responding to this crucial bill, BJP MP GVL Narasimha Rao, BJP National Spokesperson, and MP made some sensational comments.

The MP said that the BJP is not looking at the Legislative Council abolition from the political point of view and get benefited out of it.

"The process will be carried forward according to the constitution, and there is no such thing as delaying or hastening the bill in any which way," he said.

He went to say that the Centre will respond to the issues faced by the farmers in the Amaravati region if anyone raises the same issue in the upcoming Parliament sessions.

"Some are deliberately misleading the subject, which is supposed to be dealt constitutionally," he added.
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