Telangana to introduce new revenue laws

Telangana CM KCR who is riding high after the historic Municipal polls held a press meet recently to thank the voters and talking at the conference KCR spoke his heart out at reforming the revenue laws and even mentioned some instances where public marched into the revenue offices and threatened to pour petrol on the officers if they don't look into their work.

The amendment of the revenue laws is very crucial for the state as the existing laws were framed according to the situations of the combined Andhra Pradesh and they were not changed when the state got divided.

The revenue department currently has 150 laws in the state as revenue plays a key role. If the state government decides to change the present laws almost 100 laws have to be replaced to cope up with the current situation.

It has been widely reported that the Telangana government is planning to bring the 'Title Guarantee' law that eases the process for all the registrations, Mutations, Banks and the agriculture departments.
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