On this day Nirbhaya convicts will be hanged

The four accused in the Nirbhaya case will be hanged in three days. The Tihar jail authorities have made all the arrangements. The rehearsal was made yesterday with the dummy bads of the similar weighs and heights of the rapists.   

The rehearsal was made to avoid technical problems. These rehearsals will be repeated three to four times a day, today and tomorrow. Yesterday trials were successful. The Nirbhaya culprits will be hanged on 1 February at 6 am. The hanging ropes were already tested. The four convicts met their family members yesterday, the culprits family members have more three days to meet them.

Akshay Kumar Singh who is one of the four convicts, met his wife and mother yesterday and they have a chance to meet him again for three days. Vinay Kumar, Akshay Kumar, Mukesh Kumar and Pawan are the four convicts, in this case, there are six convicts one died in jail, one was Juvenile, and the other four convicts would be hanged at 6 am on February 1. The President rejected the mercy petition. Now the convicts cannot be escaped.
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