Will we see Disco Raja team coming up with Non-BB Non-Industry Hit records posters?

Sorry for the long title, but it seems so ridiculous to fight over records that we had to write few articles about it.

Two big star hero films - Sarileru Neekevvaru and Ala Vaikuntapurramuloo teams started fighting from day one who's film is bigger hit.

Rather than saying that we both made good Business and move on, they are trying to establish their upper hand on the other with poster war.

As it only takes for one poster to release, Disco Raja team can come out and release a poster stating their film collected Non-BB Non-Industry Hit records and when people ask how, show them random numbers as break-up.

Only IT officers can get truth out of them and they may come out and say, it is just a poster and doesn't mean it has to be true.

Only way to avoid all this is by making them pay taxes for "real" and "claimed" numbers as well. Then at least producers will stop engaging in petty battles and concentrate on the content.
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