Is Mahesh team going for 'false pride'?

We can see Mahesh fans, trying to figure out the most creative way to troll us, comment on us and even abuse us, our parents. So, once they cool off and Mega fans, Allu Arjun Army, other heroes who are playing for both sides, people who are naughty to use this to poke others - finish their "duties", it would be great if they read and understand that we are not against Mahesh or not a support group of Allu Arjun and that we don't have "agendas".  We are just a group of writers, film lovers who are looking to share our piece of "wisdom" through some analysis which can be right or wrong. Giving equal space for you to condemn or agree with us. With all that out, let's get into the matter...

Ala Vaikuntapurramuloo team announced themselves as Sankranthi Winner on the first day of release and it is highly condemnable for a film to promote themselves as winners without letting the competition to play out.

But a week before the release due to producers of Sarileru Neekevvaru trying to block more number of theatres from second day even though AVPL is releasing, both the production houses entered into this fight.

Sarileru producer has a habit of releasing inflated numbers and posters, which his earlier films have proved. Even Allu Arjun team is known for showing some inflated numbers.

Are they both showing inflated numbers now too? Well, many say, Yes. But they all agree that, increased ticket prices and permission to play extra shows have helped both the films to show huge numbers.

While AVPL did really come up with better numbers than SLN, Mahesh team seems to be feeling bad that they lost to Allu Arjun. Yes, Mahesh is a senior star and better content might have resulted in situation reverse.

But to just say that they have scored records too when another film, really seems to be achieving them, shows a sign of "false pride".

No one is debating Mahesh Babu's star power or his hold. SLN kind of film for another actor might have at best collected 50-60 crores but because it is his film, it could stand neck to neck with AVPL.

And no one from AVPL team also expected the movie to collect this high. Both of them are claiming Non-BB2 and Non-BB, that Non-Baahubali records.

Well, Baahubali will always remain a huge blockbuster as it collected 112 crores share, with just half the ticket price 5 years ago and it second part collected Rs. 198-200 crores share with very minimal increase in price from 2015, when BB-1 released.

If we adjust for inflation, that too for Sankranthi prices, BB films will be at 150 and 250 range for sure. So, does Non-BB record really stay relevant or important?

Showing this Sankranthi pricing as an example, RRR team will also ask for hike. Even if film doesn't live up to the mark (let's hope it does), still for Jr. NTR and Ram Charan combination, movie will collect Rs. 150 crores share and if SSR delivers, it may cross Rs. 300 crores just in two states.

When the records are irrelevant and they don't stand in chance to stay long like Avatar or Titanic, do they make any sense in claiming like this? Someone said it is Non-BB Industry Hit and other is saying that their film is Non-BB Industry Blockbuster. Tomorrow someone else might just say, Non-BB Industry Blockbuster Industry Hit.
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