Allu Arjun calls 'Industry Hit' as just a term!

It is important for every one who worked on a film to see that it becomes a success. As its success let's them have 2 -3 years of life in the Industry.

For producers, it means that financiers will believe them and distributors will listen to them. They can also have a very good balance sheet that shows profit for a project after all the expenditure.

For anyone involved, terming the "Hit Range" is all about defining the success range of profit and  more importantly, gives them pride to state that they were part of a "Blockbuster", "Hit", "ATBB", Industry Hit" and so on.

The same thing is said by Allu Arjun when media questioned him about Industry Hit claim on the posters. He said, "For a producer it is a matter of pride to showcase that he delivered such a success.

"For an actor, it is just a matter of how much love that film received. I won't be on any number just because I got a hit or a Industry hit.

" It is a term that we Industry people use to define success and love of the audiences showered on our film. This is not to instigate anyone or to say that I have achieved a rank as a star," concluded Allu Arjun.

He, Trivikram Srinivas, Allu Aravind, Chinna Babu and Nagavamshi participated in press meet of AVPL. There, Allu Arjun spoke about film becoming an Industry Hit.
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