Can BJP Win The Delhi Elections?

The BJP party which is facing a string of failures in recent times has taken the Delhi elections prestigious as the political situation has become win-win for the saffron party.

The popularity and the wave of the BJP started to decline with the scaping of Article 370 and suspending the Internet services in Jammu and Kashmir. The situation became normal when Supreme Court intervened and directed the authorities to resume the internet services and said having access to the internet is a basic right of the citizens.

With the CAA and NCR, BJP started to face a backlash from various sections of the country like Bollywood Celebrities, students and Opposition. Actor Prakash Raj who is known to be a fierce critic of the BJP has come down severely at the party for bringing such bills.

Coming to the Delhi polls, exit polls and the political circles are having an opinion that Kejriwal might clean the sweep the elections.

BJP party has announced Sunil Yadav as CM candidate and he will contest against CM Arvind Kejriwal for the in the New Delhi Constituency.  

Looks like Sunil Yadav is very confident about winning the elections and even said that he will crush Kejriwal by a huge margin of 25,000 votes.

"When Kejriwal came here (New Delhi) to fight election, people thought he would listen to them. But after five years, we hear he is a high-profile politicians," Yadav said.

"I am talking about people living in JJ clusters in my constituency. I am talking about their water and electricity bills. New Delhi has not received the benefit of free water and electricity. I am talking about them," Yadav added.
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