Death Threat To Rajinikanth Over Periyar Issue

At an event organised by Cho Ramaswamy's Thuglak Magazine, Rajinikanth opined Hindu Gods were treated in a disrespectful manner at a rally in 1971. He was referring to unclothed effigies of Ram & Sita, and how the idols were garlanded with footwear in the 1971 Salem rally organized by Ramasamy (Periyar).

The comments made by Rajinikanth stirred a huge controversy. Cases were filed against the Superstar at many places in Tamil Nadu and protesters had demanded a apology from him. Thalaivar, however, made it clear he needn't have to feel sorry about what he commented at the event. He claimed to have said about things that were published in the magazines.

Members of Dravidar Viduthalai Kazhagam (DVK) had staged protests against Rajinikanth apart from moving the Madras High Court to register a case against him. In the recent demonstration staged by them, They have issued death threats to the Superstar in the presence of media: 'Rajinikanth won't be allowed to roam freely in Tamil Nadu until he apologises'.

Sinora PS Ashok, An Advocate who works for Rajini Makkal Mandram, approached Police Commissioner AK Viswanathan to file a complaint against DVK's R Umapathy and his Supporters for issuing death threats.

Netizens, Politicians and Few Organisations have extended their support to Rajinikanth in the Periyar issue. They opined that there is nothing to find fault with the Superstar's remarks.

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