First Look: Kriti Shetty In Vaishnav Tej's Uppena!

Mythri Movie Makers have been able to generate tremendous buzz around 'Uppena' with the teasing game they have been playing with the Movie Buffs. So far, First Look of Vaishnav Tej wasn't unveiled. Just when everyone was waiting to see how the Mega Hero gonna be looking in his launch pad, Makers came up with the first look poster of Heroine Kriti Shetty. What's surprising is that not even the face of the beauty was clearly visible here. Kriti is seen having a blast while getting drenched in the rain. How long will be this hide & seek game gonna continue?

For now, There are no big complaints as every update is offering an impression that 'Uppena' will be refreshing and its gonna be a different experience altogether. Let's only wish Sukumar Writings & DSP's Musical Score clicks under the direction of Buchi Babu Sana!

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