Rajasthan Becomes The Third State

The Congress-led government on Saturday passed a resolution urging centre to revoke the Citizenship Amendment Bill. the resolution was moved in the state assembly's budget session by the ruling Congress party. Several BJP leaders were seen rushing to the house, shouting slogans in favour of new Citizenship bill Now Rajasthan became the third state to pass such resolution in its assembly. Kerala and Punjab which already passed the resolution seeking the withdrawal of the CAA.

The resolution which was tabled on the second day of the budget session stated that the house resolves the bill and repels the government to repeal the CAA and avoid any discrimination on the basis of religion in granting the citizenship and should ensure equality before the law for all the religions. The proposed NRC and Assam were proposed in the resolution.

Kerala and Punjab have already passed the resolution seeking the withdrawal of the new legislation. Kerala also moved the Supreme Court under article 131 of the Constitution, challenging the act.
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