One Of The Nirbhaya Convicts Being Poisoned

Nirbhaya Rapists lawyer AP Singh told in the court that Vinay Sharma, one of the convicts in the Nirbhaya case was being slow poisoned and being hospitalised and he alleged that medical reports were not being provided.

The prosecution, however, told the court that the convicts are using delaying tactics and they also said that the Tihar jail authorities supplied all the relevant documents asked by the convict's lawyer. The advocate who was appearing for two of four convicts moved court alleging that the Tihar jail authorities are delaying in handling the certain documents.

The convict's lawyer on Saturday said that the book titled 'Darinda' written by Vijay has not been received yet. The lawyer also said that he had sought a dairy on 22 January but not given yet, it is still in jail no 4 and the dairy will be essential for filing a mercy petition. 
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