England Achieves A News Record

England becomes the first team to complete five lakh runs in test cricket, it achieved this record during the ongoing and final test against South Africa. England achieved this record in 1022 test matches. England has become the first team to play 500 matches on foreign soil.

On Friday the opening day of the 4th and final test match against South Africa, England captain Joe Roots takes a single run through the covers, took the England team to get 5,00,000 run mark in the longest form of Cricket. They achieved this record in 1022 matches, followed by Australia with 4,32,706 runs in 830 tests. India is in the third position with 2,73,518 runs in 540 tests.

England became the first team to play 500 matches on foreign soil, England team achieved this feat after playing the third test against South Africa at St George's Park in Poet Elizabeth, Australia is in the second place with 404 matches.
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