Sircilla Gave A Shock To KTR

The most anticipated Telangana Municipal polls counting has kick-started today morning for 120 municipalities and nine corporations in the state. V. Nagi Reddy, state Election Commissioner said that the final results of the poll will be released by evening.

Quite a contrast to what the political circles and the exit polls stated that TRS will clean sweep all the wards in the KTR's own constituency Siricilla, TRS emerged victorious only in 24 wards.

Out of the 39 wards in the constituency, the ruling TRS managed to win only 24 wards while the BJP and Congress party won 3 and 3 wards respectively. Interestingly 10 independent candidates have won the polls and to a much embarrassment to the TRS party, all of them are rebel candidates of the pink party.

In spite of KTR doing the campaign in his constituency, he failed to clean sweep all the wards. With this, his take on the municipal polls that “TRS will win lion share in the polls but cannot tell the figure correctly,' became true.

Till now out of the 2979 wards, the TRS, Congress, and BJP managed to win 872, 244, and 116 wards respectively.
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