Payal Rajput Still Not Finding The Right Role!

RX100 lead cast Karthikeya and Payal Rajput are struggling to find a solid hit post the film. They are trying different things and none of them are sticking right.

Karthikeya seems to be trying his level best to stay relevant with different films after 90ML flop and we have to wait and see, what he is looking to do with his next.

But Payal Rajput who everyone thought will be a big sensation is gradually losing it all. Her characters in next  films are either insignificant or those that she tried to deliver but failed.

Disco Raja is not a kind of film where a heroine can shine but even in those fee scenes, she got she just seemed slightly clueless.

In few scenes she did well but she couldn't lift the average writing with her performance. Well, may be we expected a lot from both of them, especially her.

It hurts to see promising talent then just go waste it all in films that spring up their downward spiral. Hope, Payal finds a film that changes her image on-screen as 'Indu'-isms are not working for her anymore.
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