"Chirutha" strategy for Vaishnav Tej too?

Vaishnav Tej Panja, younger brother of Sai Dharam Tej is debuting as a hero with Uppena. Recently, the film first look poster has been released by the team.

If you observe, the actor is not facing the camera and it seems like the team doesn't want to reveal his total look, at this point of time.

For Chirutha, as well, Ram Charan face was hidden for almost first time, we watch him on-screen and Puri Jagannath came up with a different fight to keep the buzz around Ram Charan going.

Megastar fans wanted to see him on screen and when they did not get any glimpse until the first trailer release, fans started to build-up buzz around getting to watch him on screen for the first time. The extended face reveal during a fight, in the film, worked out really well too.

Now, the similar strategy seems to have been applied for this young Mega hero as well. We may not get to watch him as "actor", until the first teaser or trailer release.

Mythri Movie Makers and Sukumar Writings are producing the film in the direction of Bucchi Babu. Movie will release on 2nd April.
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