College Costs Of H-1B Holders Children Slashed In NJ

The US State of New Jersey introduced a Legislation which will ensure Colleges and Universities become more affordable for the Children of H-1B Visa Holders. This move comes as a huge relief for Indians who bag majority of the H-1B Visas.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed a legislation 'S2555' which permits Children of H-1B Visa Holders to qualify for in-state tuition at higher education institutions based in New Jersey. 'Proud to sign the legislation that allows Students to achieve their goals by pursuing higher studies at their preferred institutions,' he said.

Legislation 'S2555', however, exempts dependent students whose parents or guardians hold H-1B Visas from paying out-of-state tuition.

Indian diaspora is delighted with the new legislation why because H-1B Visa Holders pay so much in the form of social security contributions and taxes but they weren't able to get benefited as they return to India before the arrival of eligibility period. This Legislation would help H-1B Visa Holders provide best education to their children. Shatru Sinha, who is India's Deputy Consul General in New York, termed the legislation as an important initiative for the Indian Community.

In the US, Education from Kindergarten to Grade 12 is free in American Public Schools. Children of Immigrants/Non-Citizens have to pay huge fees to study in American Colleges and Universities.

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