Rajinikanth says he will not apologise on Periyar's controversy

Responding to the controversial remark on social reformed E V Ramasamy Periyar, Tamil Superstar Rajinikanth said he will not apologize to the protesters. With the news of his alleged remarks on Periyar became a sensation, Rajinikanth showed copies of the news publications and said: "I will not apologize".

"There is a debate on an issue I spoke on and which happened in 1971. I didn't make up what I said. People are saying I made it up but I didn't. Sorry, I won't apologise," Rajinikanth said.

"I have magazines here to show what I said was true. I am telling what I saw. They are telling what they saw," he observed.

The Thanthai Periyar Dravidar Kazhagam(TPDK) general secretary Kovai Ramakrishnan found fault with Rajinikanth's statements and demanded an apology from the superstar.

"Periyar opposed idea of God by speaking about 'puranas'. He spoke about Ramayana and he quoted things from the book. But, he never did what Rajinikanth has claimed," Ramakrishnan said.
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