Vangaveeti Radha errs again!!

Vangaveeti Radha, who remained off the radar ever since the Lok Sabha elections, is now trying to make a comeback. But, he still continues to make serious errors of judgement. His political moves are ending up as disasters.

Radha, who comes from a quintessential Congress family, has left the YSRCP and joined the Telugu Desam ahead of the elections. He wanted Vijayawada Central, but Jagan asked him to fight for the Lok Sabha from Machilipatnam. Radha did not like this proposal and spewed venom on YS Jagan.  He joined the TDP, but the TDP too had not given him party ticket. The result, Radha did not contest elections in 2019. After the defeat, he kept a low profile and did not attend any party meet. There was a buzz that his two best buddies - Kodali Nani and Vallabhaneni Vamsi have tried to bring  him back into the YSRCP and suitably rehabilitate him. However, even as Vamsi and Nani tried to rehabilitate him, Radhakrishna himself came out of his hibernation and called on Chandrababu, who was protesting the three capitals proposal. Not just that he also criticised YS Jagan Mohan Reddy.

This has virtually demolished any possibility of coming back to the YSRCP. This one mistake has cost him very dear. The TDP is now not in a position to rehabilitate him. Both Nani and Vamsi have stopped their plans to plead in favour of Radha. Now, Vangaveeti Radha is back to square one.
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