Is Rashmika Regretting Her Decision?

Spunky actress Rashmika Mandanna pinned a lot of hopes on Mahesh Babu's 'Sarileru Neekevvaru'. She hoped that it would be her ticket to the league of star hero films. Despite being a character with zero substance, she accepted it and even upped her glamour quotient for this movie. But all her hopes have gone in vain and on top of it, she is facing a lot of backlash.

As we know, 'Sarileru Neekevvaru' opened to mixed response but the collections were fantastic initially. But it is witnessing a major drop now and there are a lot of talks about want went wrong in the film. Despite having a lot of flaws, Rashmika's name is being heard majorly which is upsetting this beauty.

There is a lot of talk that the film lacked strong content and was made by stuffing all the commercial elements. Despite the hiccups in narration, flat train episode, mediocre songs from DSP and silly climax, some people are blaming Rashmika's over-the-top action as the main reason for film's damage which is hurting her and she is reportedly angry over this negative publicity.

Though her role and action were overboard, it is the way the director designed it and Rashmika is left with no option but to act accordingly. This negative publicity is reportedly making her regret over her decision.
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