Yet Another Wrong Move By Nagababu

Nagababu earned the 'trolling star' tag effortlessly. The negativity on him began with the launch of YouTube series 'Naa Show Naa Istam'. It only got escalated after his political entry during 2019 Elections. And now, Wrong timing of Mega Brother is only making matters worse.

Pruthvi was sacked as the chairman of SVBC following allegations of indecent proposal with an Employee. Reacting on it, Nagababu tweeted, 'Rythulante YCP Ki Chulakana. Valla Usuru 30 Years Industry Ki Tagilindi. Migilina YCP Vallaki Alanti Sasthe Jaruguthundi'.

Netizens breathed fire on Nagababu for trying to defame YCP with an irrelevant topic. They reminded Jagan sacked Pruthvi and ordered for an inquiry soon after the controversial phone call recording went viral. How could anybody blame a party when an individual commits a mistake? Non-Sync Tweets of Nagababu won't fetch political mileage to Jana Sena Party in any manner. Better if he realises it as early as possible.

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