Actress Accuses Director Of Sexual Mischief

The famous #metoo which shock the Bollywood and southern film industries has spread its wings in the Bengali film industry too.

The famous TV actress Rupanajana Mitra has made some sensational on Bengali director Arindam Sil and accused him of sexual misconduct.

The actress in her latest interview with the Anadabazar digital revealed some shocking facts on the behavior of the filmmaker. She said that this horrific incident took place when the director called her to his Kolkata office for the reading of famous daily soap Bhumikanya script.

Talking about the incident the actress said, "He had called me in his office to read out the script of the first episode of Bhumikanya. It was a few days before Durga puja. Surprisingly there was nobody in his office when I reached there at 5 pm. I had an uncanny feeling. Suddenly he got up from his seat and started moving his hand over my head and back. It was only him and me in his office. I was feeling scared that I would probably get raped now and desperately praying for someone to enter the room. After a while I could not take it anymore and firmly asked him to speak to me about the script. He perhaps understood that I was not that kind of woman who would give in to his tricks. He suddenly entered the director mode and started explaining the script to me and within five minutes his wife entered the office."

The director has rubbished and the allegations on him and said, "This is probably a political stunt. I don't know why she is saying all this. We are old friends. The day she is referring to, she texted me after leaving my office saying 'I am so excited'. I still have the text with me and can show it. Why would she text someone who has behaved inappropriately with her? She is lying."
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