Viral Video: Ram Charan And Sania Mirza Shake A Leg

Ram Charan is a very delightful mood these days. The actor is attending big events, enjoying parties with friends in Mumbai and he is going all over Hyderabad and Mumbai, to catch the eye of media everywhere.

We don't mean to say, he is craving for attention but he is not being reserved as before and that is finding it's way to the top headlines.

This time, he shook a leg with Sania Mirza and Farah Khan at Sania's sister marriage event.

Farah Khan is an old friend of Sania and Ram Charan is a family friend of Sania & cricketer Azharuddin, as well.

His wife Upasana is one of the oldest friends of Sania's family and Azhar's family. We never see Sania dancing but she shaking her leg with Ram went viral on social media as Upasana shared by herself.

Sania Mirza's sister Anam got married to Azhar's son, Asaduddin in Hyderabad in a grand style, on 12th December. At reception, Ram Charan and Sania shook their legs with Farah Khan.

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